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                                                          • http://www.hrzx.icu/img/wva_19075bfmc_sv_8_1-66.jpg
                                                          • http://www.hrzx.icu/upfile/2017/06/16/20170616104151_486.jpg
                                                          • WVA :19075,BFMC: SV/8/1
                                                          • WVA :19075,BFMC: SV/8/1

                                                          WVA :19075,BFMC: SV/8/1


                                                          Brand name:Toughpro


                                                          Sample :Free of charge

                                                          MOQ: 500 pcs

                                                          Material: non-asbestos,

                                                          Color: Black



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                                                          Product Description


                                                          Production capacity:  300,000 pieces per month

                                                          Features:Low noise, Good heat resistance

                                                                         No damage with the drum 


                                                          Packaging & Shipping

                                                          Packaging:4 pieces per sealed ploybag, 8 pieces per set, 2 sets per inner box, two boxes per one export carton.

                                                          Carton design requirement customized.

                                                          Delivery time:25 days per order.

                                                          Delivery Port:Ningbo,China


                                                          Our services

                                                          Huangshan Feiying Autoparts always provide the best quality brake lining to our customers, we will reply your inquiry within 24 hours and provide free sample if you need.

                                                          Completely series of product grades containing all kinds of vehicle applications such as Euopean vehicle, American vehicle, Japanese vehicle, Korea vehicle and Chinese vehicle as well.

                                                          After delivery we will track the shipment status for you every two days until you get the products.When you got the goods,test them,and give us a feedback.If you have any question about the product,please contact us, we will provide a solution.


                                                          1.Why choose Huangshan Feiying?

                                                             We are specialized in manufacturing brake lining with advanced production line more than 20 years.

                                                          2.What is the biggest advantage of Huangshan Feiying?

                                                             Stable high quality and timely delively and big production capacity are our biggest strength.

                                                          3.What is the prospect of cooperate with Huangshan Feiying?

                                                             During the past 20 years, the number of our dealers kept growing as we are developing fast, dealers' businesses are growing as well.

                                                            We can help you to enlarge your market share and increase your business if working with our company.


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